The ISPAC Award is designed to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of Polyaromatic Compound research.

The 2015 Award winner was Prof. Dr. Jan Andersson (middle).

Prof. Dr. Jan Andersson accepting the ISPAC Award for 2015

The 2013 Award winner was Dr. Janet Arey (middle).

Dr. Janet Arey receiving the ISPAC Award for 2013

The 2011 Award winner was Dr. Jocelyne Hellou (left).

Dr. Jocelyne Hellou accepting the ISPAC Award for 2011

The 2009 Award winner was professor Dr. Lawrence T. Scott (left), Boston College.

Professor Larence T. Scott accepting the ISPAC Award for 2009

Dr. Jürgen Jacob

Year: 2007

Dr. Joellen Lewtas, Dr. John Fetzer

Year: 2005

Dr. William Baird

Year: 2003

Dr. Stephen Wise

Year: 2001

Dr. Donald M. Jerina

Year: 1999

Dr. Roger Atkinson

Year: 1997

Dr. Ronald Harvey

Year: 1995

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Zander

Year: 1993

Prof. Dr. Gernot Grimmer

Year: 1991

Dr. Melvin Newman

Year: 1989

Prof. Dr. Erich Clar

Year: 1987

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